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Can anyone tell me the difference b/W WPF and WCF?Does WCF uses only IIS?

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You should have googled it. –  Nicolas Repiquet Dec 30 '10 at 9:39
Actually you are asking about two different technology and used for two entirely different purpose. –  Kishore Kumar Dec 30 '10 at 9:42

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WPF is a presentation technology while WCF is a communication technology.

No , WCF can be hosted in a Console/Windows Service also

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WCF - is some what in line with your web services, Named pipes etc. Basically it used to provide service through web, tcp , pipes etc ... The advantage of wcf over others is the implementation of the logic can be done once and the mode of communication like HTTP or TCP are just configurable through end points

WPF - Is purely a presentation framework. This mainly deals with XAML. What this tries to achieve is to separate the presentation & the business logic.

Not very familiar with WPF but this is the basic difference

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wpf it's like windows forms :) WPF based on XAML (special format of xml, which describe your controls). wcf - it's web service.

wpf and wcf are absolutely difference :)

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