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I've 4 pages in my web project say a,b,c & d. Each page has a tab-bar/navigation bar at top and buttons which are and linked to each other. The navigation works perfect. However, I want to perform some actions like, when b is clicked - some data will be fetched from database, when c is clicked data is updated and likewise. However, all these javascript functions works on first page which gets started when web-app is executed. If I navigate to other pages, js on that page doesn't work. Can't we have once for all binding to all these buttons? Please suggest. Thanks.

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You should further elaborate! –  Amjad Masad Dec 30 '10 at 10:12

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jquerymobile will try to use Ajax to retrieve page content and add to current page DOM instead of normal page request by default. You may try following options: 1. Use $.mobile.changePage() 2. Use mobileinit event (before jquerymobile js loaded) to change the default behavior: $(document).bind("mobileinit", function () { $.mobile.ajaxEnabled = false; //do not handle links via ajax by default });

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