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hi all i am use php to create many php site and sometime i use php frame work (codeigniter or cakephp) and sametime i dont use it and i write a clssec php code (use classes) without any framework

now whate the best and the correct way

use framework or write code from ziro

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It depends. On a lot of things. There is no correct answer. Go with what works best for you. –  deceze Dec 30 '10 at 10:18
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4 Answers

A Framework in most cases for:

  • Security
  • Community Support
  • A host of ready-made stuff
  • OOP
  • Stability
  • Extendability
  • And more...

However, it purely depends on your requirements/urgency/delivery time and more factors.

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As a very good framework with lightweight footprint, i would recommend to keep with CodeIgniter MVC Framework.
It really can do you no harm to go for a MVC framework, that seperates your code from presentation files.

For thos of you who need information about CodeIgniter please check the Website and be sure to read the User Guide.

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For tiny and small sites use classes, with that you can keep your project sizw small and controlled, for big sites use framework, its better then start from scratch and wasting time to write some thing is already written.

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you may try kohana framework also.


it is based on codeigniter. Hardcoding is good too.

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