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I am implementing the sound recording functionality in my iPad app. I want to prompt the user to attach his headphone with microphone for better performance.For this I need to check that whether the user has connected the headphone with microphone or not.

In the AVAudioSession there is a method inputIsAvailable.But this method returns 'Yes' for the inbuilt mic of iPad also.So,please suggest how to detect that whether the headphone with mic is connected to the device or not??

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Finally,I solved my problem :) The following piece of code is the solution:

CFStringRef newRoute;
 UInt32 size;
 size = sizeof(CFStringRef);
 OSStatus error = AudioSessionGetProperty(kAudioSessionProperty_AudioRoute, &size, &newRoute);
 if (error)


There can be different values for newRoute. If the value of newRoute is 'HeadsetInOut' then the headphones with mic are connected to the iPad.

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Follow this link

How can I detect if headphones are connected to an iPod touch G1?

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SpeakHere uses the AQRecorder but I am using AVAudioRecorder.Also, there is no method in which the type of i/p device is detected.So the link is of no use.anyways Thanks for ur reply. –  iPhoneDev Dec 30 '10 at 11:04

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