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I need debug my ejabberd server and I want use pman for this purpose. But I have only access via ssh and server worked in screen.

I do:

ssh mydoman@example.com

erl -sname test@localhost
(test@localhost)1> pman:start().

and it works but I need get access to 'ejabberd@localhost' node from same machine

now I press Ctrl+G
--> r'ejabberd@localhos'
--> c

(ejabberd@localhost)1> pman:start().
** exited: {startup_timeout,pman} **

And my question is - how do I run pman properly?

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Pman needs access to the screen on which it runs. I understand that you are running distributed erlang on both nodes and that they are connected and know of each other. The easiest way is then to run pman locally on your node, pman:start(). There is a Nodes menu which should contain all known nodes and if you pick ejabbered@localhost you should see all the processes on that node.

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Obviously this is a more direct answer, have an upvote sir :) –  Mazen Harake Jan 3 '11 at 10:44

Not sure about pman, but if you want to monitor a remote node I've create entop for that purpose. It might not work exactly like pman but should be close enough.


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