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I have problem with paypal and alertpay ipn post data.

My Webhost details are:

  • OS: Linux
  • Webhost: THEPLANET.COM
  • Webserver: Apache 1.3.41(Unix)
  • cPanel: 11.24.4-RELEASE 32603
  • PHP: 5.2.8

The problem is when ever paypal and alertpay posts data to my ipn url, my server returns error(500) internal server error. But if i open this url in my browser it works ok and have not any issue. My server return this error only to PP and AP. Trying for long to look to fix this problem but could not find. My log file have nothing to related this error.

So please tell me what settings on my server causing this error. I have tested on some other servers where every thing works ok. Is there any way to compare two servers to find out the reasons? Or what I ask to my admin to fix this problem?

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What flavour IPN script are you using on your server? custom, an ecommerce package etc?

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My own simple custom php scripts to save form fields to database. –  Kashif Javed Dec 30 '10 at 11:30

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