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How to show standard tortoiseGit log window for repository or specified file in repository from command line?

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If you're currently in a working copy directory, you can run this command:

tortoiseproc /command:log /path:.

I haven't yet worked out how to specify a certain branch/remote, however.

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Assume C:\Program Files\TortoiseGit\bin is in %PATH%

Since 1.8.0

TortoiseGitProc.exe /command:log

will show log of repository in current directory.

TortoiseGitProc.exe /command:log /path:C:\Repo1\MyFile1.txt
TortoiseGitProc.exe /command:log /path:MyFile1.txt

will show the change log of MyFile1.txt

Note that MyFile1.txt part is case sensitive, C:\Repo1\ part is not case sensitive.

Note: 1.7.15 and older use TortoiseProc.exe

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