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I have a bunch of files that I need to look at. All lines in these files end in ^M (\x0D) except the very last line that ends in ^M^J (\x0D\x0A).

Obviously, Vim determines the filetype to be DOS with the effect that the file's entire content is displayed on one single line like so:

some text foo^Mmore text and^Ma few control-m^Ms and more and more

Since I don't want to change the files' content: is there a setting in Vim that allows to look at these files with the new lines as I'd expect them to be?

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If you do not mind having a line at the bottom containing a single ^J character, you can set fileformats (note the s at the end) to mac and reload the buffer:

:set fileformats=mac

Or equivalently you could start the editor as follows:

vim -R "+set fileformats=mac" "+edit" <filename>

The -R (readonly) option is there because you stated you do not want to change the files.

I did not find a way that does not involve reloading the buffer.

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Thanks for your input. You helped me figure out that I needed to set fileformats=dos,unix,mac instead of dos,unix. – René Nyffenegger Dec 30 '10 at 15:16

Try this:

:set fileformat=unix

Can't really verify it though, since I don't have that kind of files handy.

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I have already tried that with no success. – René Nyffenegger Dec 30 '10 at 12:13
setting fileformat or fileencoding while editing a file will not reload it. It will have an effect when saving. Rather do :e! ++ff=unix to reload. – Benoit Jan 1 '11 at 10:06

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