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Using m2eclipse Eclipse plugin, everybody on the dev team should be able to checkout source code, import Maven project in Eclipse and be good to go.

I saw m2eclipse is being merged into Eclipse 3.7, and maven-eclipse-plugin won't be maintained any longer, so I'm looking for a m2eclipse-based solution (without running "mvn eclipse:clean eclipse:eclipse" before project import, which is what maven-eclipse-plugin does).

maven-eclipse-plugin allows this in pom.xml


The more general question is How would m2eclipse do something similar? For some cases, just saving the eclipse .settings/prefs file works (e.g. org.eclipse.jdt.ui.prefs), but in this case, is always overwritten on m2eclipse project import.

A specific question is asked here, with no reply. Thanks!

UPDATE: Not possible now, see request

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Try asking your question on m2eclipse forum on You will likely reach far more people familiar with m2eclipse that way.

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Thanks Konstantin, I've found out it's not possible now (see the update) –  Marius Andreiana Jan 1 '11 at 9:52

There are answers to this topic in Can I Configure m2eclipse through pom.xml?: Completely automatic configuration can only be achieved with a ProjectConfigurator. But there is a solution based on AntRun and XMLTask even for the Google Eclipse Plugin GEP. It needs manual triggering only once after checkout.

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