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In my apps, i have stored the date values into the Mutable Array which i retrieved from the server. Now i want to grouping the date, which means it should display the date as only once, when duplicate date as found.

For Eg,

NSMutableArray *dateArray = [[NSMutableArray alloc] initWithObjects:@"December 29,2010", 
                                                                    @"December 28, 2010",
                                                                    @"December 22, 2010",
                                                                    @"December 22, 2010",
                                                                    @"December 22, 2010", nil]; 

And then i want to display the contents are date wise. so how can i compare the date strings and stored into separate arrays(With different dates). So please guide me.


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I guess this SO post has answer for you.

The best way to remove duplicate values from NSMutableArray in Objective-C?

The following link is also informative.

Make unique NSMutableArray or NSMutableSet

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