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I want to check if there are any network connection leaks in my android app, someone reported to me that even after closing my android app the app was somehow connecting with his wifi router till the person un-installed the app.

I close all the connections properly inside the code and sometime the user can .abort() a postRequest so perhaps some case is leading to a leak, I don't see any warning either on logcat.

This problem seems to be only with wifi and not 3G.

Is there any software or android tool through which I could debug this to be sure ? Or in another words monitor android network activity. I tried 'adb shell netstat' it returns empty

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Note that the android device is probably connected to the wifi access point if wifi is on. Activity can be caused by account synch, RSS feed, weather widget etc. There may be no activity except wifi keep-alive/handshaking.

So, how someone tell that it is your app is the only connection and activity?

Note: you don't really close Android apps unless

  • you use a Task Killer
  • back button long press
  • app is coded to close/exit

Apps stay present in the background otherwise

Edit: you may be better asking at XDA developers

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all right but I still wanna know monitor my android network traffic, I tried adb shell netstat but it returns empty: Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address State –  2cupsOfTech Dec 30 '10 at 16:31

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