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foreach (var name in parent.names)
    if name.lastname == null)
        Violated = true;
        this.message = "lastname reqd";

    if (!Violated)
        Violated = !(name.firstname == null) ? false : true;
        if (ruleViolated)
            this.message = "firstname reqd";

Whenever violated is true, I want to get out of the foreach loop immediately. How do I do it?

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Use break;


Unrelated to your question, I see in your code the line:

Violated = !(name.firstname == null) ? false : true;

In this line, you take a boolean value (name.firstname == null). Then, you apply the ! operator to it. Then, if the value is true, you set Violated to false; otherwise to true. So basically, Violated is set to the same value as the original expression (name.firstname == null). Why not use that, as in:

Violated = (name.firstname == null);
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+1 for correcting the mistake he didn't ask about. – Mr Wednesday Feb 18 '14 at 8:40

Just use the statement:

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Use the break keyword.

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