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Is there an option in TFS to compare while not returning whitespace differences? ie. linebreaks, tabs set differently.

SourceSafe had this option, but I cannot find it in TFS.

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Tools -> Options -> Source Control -> Visual Studio Team Foundation Server -> Configure Users Tools.. ->

Add "%5 /ignorespace" to the arguments as per this post: Whitespace in Team System Compare Results

[You can run diffmerge /? to see other options]

A somewhat better option (IMO) is to replace the out-of-the-box diff tool with the free SourceGear DiffMerge tool, or with BeyondCompare.

If you opt to use the SourceGear's tool, then the command line options (as of 8/17/2011) for Studio 2010 is:

-caption=%1 -nosplash -ro2 -shex -t1=%6 -t2=%7 %1 %2 

For the merge, remove the -ro2 (readonly) option

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I tried with DiffMerge 3.3, it says 'merge arguments must contain %4'. Adding that works fine. – Robin Maben Feb 2 '12 at 10:38

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