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Is there in the JDK or Jakarta Commons (or anywhere else) a method that can parse the output of Arrays.toString, at least for integer arrays?

int[] i = fromString(Arrays.toString(new int[] { 1, 2, 3} );
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Pretty easy to just do it yourself:

public class Test {
  public static void main(String args[]){
    int[] i = fromString(Arrays.toString(new int[] { 1, 2, 3} ));

  private static int[] fromString(String string) {
    String[] strings = string.replace("[", "").replace("]", "").split(", ");
    int result[] = new int[strings.length];
    for (int i = 0; i < result.length; i++) {
      result[i] = Integer.parseInt(strings[i]);
    return result;
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You can also use split/join from Apache Commons' StringUtils

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I notice that this reverse function proposed just works fine for arrays with one dimension. For a matrix with 2 dimensions, for instance, the function would be a little bit different.

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