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i would like to create a web application using DOJO. I'm an Asp.Net developer, but, about javascript framework, i really like Dojo instead the Ajax Control Toolkit by Microsoft. So i'm asking you if exists some Visual RAD Ide for (for example) Dojo, or maybe, how can i integrate / write Asp.Net database driven apps with Dojo ? Is it possible and... simple ?

Thank you

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Wavemaker is an IDE that uses dojo on the front end, along with ajax and java or else amazon cloud hosting on the backend:

Qooxdoo is an alternative to dojo that is more desktop-like and had some designers, but I don't know how up to date they are: and designers:

QT Designer is a great visual designer for desktop applications, and this tool can convert the files to javascript:

For mobile development, there is Ext Designer but it costs money:

The most visual studio-like option out there that works in the browser is some framework from china I think called jslinb, it uses its own javascript framework: See this demo of their IDE for example:

And if you go with YUI instead of dojo, one IDE-like demo is WireIt:

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Hmm... Yes , there is nsBasic-Apps (for webPages and mobile devices) . code in nsBasic transform code into javascript . But it is only for WebKit browsers ...Vernon

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