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minExpandLevel: 1,              
//persist: true,                
children: [{"title":"First Location",
"children":[{"title":"<span class='assetType'>First Location Child<\/span>",
"children":[ (etc...)

So I do:

var rootNode = $("#tree").dynatree("getRoot");
var title = rootNode.data.title;

title = null

... ok, so I try:

var rootNode = $("#tree").dynatree("getRoot");
var node = rootNode.getChildren();
var title = node.data.title;

Cannot read property 'title' of undefined

If I just:


I get:

DynaTreeNode<location.92>: 'First Location'


And since I'm asking, in console:

jquery.dynatree.min.js:710:49:53.215 - Option 'title' is no longer supported.



Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'parentNode' of null
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rootNode is the (invisible) system root and rootNode.data.title is not set. Since node.getChildren() returns a list, it should be

var rootNode = $("#tree").dynatree("getRoot");
var nodeList = rootNode.getChildren();
var title = nodeList[0].data.title;
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Thank you for the explanation! –  Earls Jan 3 '11 at 18:42

I have got the answer:

//node = item which has isFolder() = false, islazy() = false

var topnode = node.parent;
topnode.reloadChildren(function(topnode, isOk){});
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You can read the title using:

var rootNode = $("#tree").dynatree("getRoot");  
var realRootTitle = rootNode.childList[1].data.title;
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