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I have a Vslider in Flex 4 that I am skinning with images. The image for the thumb makes it much larger and the track image has some stuff at the top and the bottom that I do not want to be covered by the thumb when it is all the way at the top or bottom. So, how do I create that margin so the range of the thumb on the track is shorter?

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You can do this by specifying the thumb height to be larger than it really is in the skin for the vslider.

<!--- The default skin class is VSliderThumbSkin. 
        @copy spark.components.supportClasses.TrackBase#thumb
        @see spark.skins.spark.VSliderThumbSkin -->
<s:Button id="thumb" left="0" right="0" width="11" height="50"

The skin class has an image that is 25x25. By making this class have a height of 50 it gives the thumb ~12px of padding on both top and bottom of the thumb.

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