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I'm using Zynga's FontLabel to use a custom font in my iPhone project. Is there a way to add a text border and shadow using this?

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If you mean around the entire label, this FontLabel class appears to just be a subclass of UILabel which has the following properties:

@property(nonatomic,retain) UIColor        *shadowColor; 
@property(nonatomic)        CGSize          shadowOffset;

to control shadows. Furthermore, UILabel is a subclass of UIView, each of which is backed by a CALayer, which has the following properties that allow you to apply a border to any CALayer:

@property CGFloat borderWidth;
@property CGColorRef borderColor;

You should be able to set these properties on the object returned by your UILabel's layer property.

If you were looking for "outlined text" you need to look for a font that encapsulates that behavior. I don't think the kit can just "figure that one out" for you.


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