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Using Olive on Linux I have changed a number of files on my local system. Normally I would do Branch>Commit followed by Branch>Push, but in this case I only want to place one of the changes on lp:stevedore at this time. How can I commit and push just one of the changed files but not all of the other changes?

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On the command line, you should be able to do

> cd <path to working tree>
> bzr commit -m "<commit message>" <relative path to file>

in order to commit only the changes to the file specified.

So, supposing your working tree is ~/code, and bzr status looks something like


you can bzr commit -m "File0 changes" dir/file0.py to commit only the changes to file1.py.

FWIW, bzr-qt provides qcommit, which shows all files to be committed with a checkbox for each so you can easily choose a subset of files to commit. Perhaps bzr-gtk provides something similar?

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bzr-qt is actually named QBzr. –  bialix Jan 1 '11 at 20:40

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