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I have a monthly calendar with just basic HTML tables, with each month in a jQuery UI tabs tab. How can I change which jQuery UI tab is loaded by default? I want to keep the months in order in the navigation, but have the current month show on page load.

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Here's some of the documentation on the Jquery UI Tabs - I haven't worked with them much...

jQuery UI Documentation (Tabs)

It would possibly be something like

.tabs( "select" , index )


$('#nameOftabs').tabs({ selected: index });

Where index would be the default tab that you would like selected.

Hope this helps

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second example is correct. from the docs: $( ".selector" ).tabs({ selected: 3 }); –  lincolnk Feb 2 '11 at 16:27
First exampled worked fine here. –  ThiagoPonte Apr 8 '13 at 20:57
Worked for me. jQuery UI - v1.8.21 –  Sinan Eldem Mar 15 at 17:16
$( ".selector" ).tabs({ active: 1 }); worked for me: api.jqueryui.com/tabs/#option-active –  Shivan Dragon Jun 4 at 15:10

Please note that this option got renamed in jqueryui 1.9, it is now called "active" (hope this saves someone else the headache I just went through):

  active: index


$('#tabid').tabs("option", "active", index);

See: http://api.jqueryui.com/tabs/#option-active

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Good job, this works in jquery ui 1.10, too. –  user1477388 Apr 16 '13 at 14:55

Pay attention that in jQuery UI 1.9 selected changed to active option.
jQuery UI Documentation (Tabs)

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You want the selected option of the tabs. Note that there's also a cookie option so that people leaving and returning to your page will have the same tab opened as when they left.

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That page doesn't seem to have what I want. –  Christopher Dec 30 '10 at 19:31

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