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Whenever Silverlight is in focus, it eats all of the user's keypresses, including F5, Ctrl+T, Ctrl+L, Ctrl+Tab, etc. My question is: is there a way to let the browser process keypresses first, to filter out hotkeys like the above, and then pass the key strokes to Silverlight? I know that Internet Explorer does this, but Chrome and Firefox do not.

Right now, I have the root visual in my Silverlight application processing KeyDown to put focus on the browser itself whenever a certain hotkey is entered. Then, I follow up with the browser hotkey I was going for. However, this is kind of annoying because sometimes neither the browser nor the root visual have keyboard focus (specifically, this happens when I close a modal window), and also if I Ctrl+Tab out and then back in using this method, I need to click on the Silverlight to give it focus again.

Is there a way to make Chrome and Firefox behave like Internet Explorer and prioritize their own browser hotkeys?

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I got the exactly same issue! I'm trying to let the user to press F11 to enter to the Full Screen mode, but it only works in IE and Safari, not in Chrome or Firefox. – Peter Lee Nov 7 '11 at 23:52

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