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I am currently developing an easy compiler for the language BASIC and I have found some problems which I would like to ask you.

The first one is easy, where I should define my tokens? I mean, in the file I send the tokens to the parser using the expression: return symbol(sym.STATIC); STATIC is a token for me, but I don't know where to define it.

Second, where I should define the main class in which I create the instances of Lexer and Parser? In the Parser class or in another?

Thanks in advanced.

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First: a file with the class defining those symbols will be generated automatically for you

Second: you create your own class with a main where you create an object from the generated Lexer, to which you pass the InputStream, and one from the Parser, to which you pass the Lexer. After you create those two objects you call the method parse() belonging to Parser.

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