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I'm developing a C# WinForms app with VS2010 and its target audience are kids ages 8-14. I estimate about 30% of my users will not have administrative access on their computers, and therefore will not be able to install my app without having their parents install it for them.

Is there any way I can have the .NET Framework install without requiring administrative rights, or somehow bundle the required .NET components with my app? I'm currently developing for .NET Framework 4, but I could easily change my code up to have it work with .NET 2 or 3.5, if needed.

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.NET 3.5 is included in Win 7 so that might increase the number you can reach. –  m4tt1mus Dec 31 '10 at 0:53

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I recommend against trying to develop a program for kids that explicitly tries to get around administrative access just because parents would have to get involved. Parents SHOULD be involved in the software kids install on their computers.

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It's amazing how quickly an inquisitive 10 year old who's just discovered how to install programs from the web can trash a machine. I couldn't agree more with parental supervision. Installing content from the web is something that should never be taken lightly. –  spender Dec 31 '10 at 1:21

There is no way to run .NET applications without installing .NET on your machine first and yes, the installation does require admin rights. Allowing that for regular users would undermine the whole point of having access restrictions in the first place.

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You can try using a zero-installer, like the one from http://spoon.net, which can create single file distributions of .NET apps with the option to include a specific .NET Framework in the zero installer. You can host these on spoon to be streamed to the client computer or opt for deploying the single file exe's yourself using Spoon Studio (http://spoon.net/Studio/)

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It is entirely possible, though not necessarily practical, to install an application including the .net framework without the end user having admin privileges. The general category for what you want to do is called Application Virtualization. We use VMWare ThinApp, an application virtualization technology similar to Spoon mentioned in an earlier post in this thread. Other applications in the category include Cameyo (www.cameyo.com) and InstallAware (www.installaware.com/virtualization/).

You can also do a web search for "Application Virtualization" and find other results. You will want to ignore Microsoft App-V and Citrix XenApp because these solutions are targeted at enterprises wanting to virtualize applications for internal deployment inside a corporate network.

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This is an old question but it seems that Microsoft is planning a .NET Native feature that will at some point allow you compile self-contained C# apps that do not depend on the .NET Framework being installed, so that would theoretically end the huge headache involved in trying to distribute .NET applications targeted at newer versions of the Framework to users that do not have admin rights.

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from what I understand, the native apps are only for the microsoft app store –  Jeffrey L. Roberts Dec 15 '14 at 4:14

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