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When I create new/c++ project/debug/advanced setting, what do I do next? In the include tab, I have include the path to the libraries? why is "Launch failed. binary not found" and " undefined reference to `WinMain@16' ex line 0, external location:"

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Modern IDEs corrupt newcomers' minds with terms like "add a library to a project". As for myself, I first got acquainted with the "compile unit", "compiling" and "linking" concepts, then I got the view how to build programs with external libraries. In your case, you probably need to specify the link-time library location so it's linked with your program. –  mbaitoff Dec 31 '10 at 6:31

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Sounds like you need to add the proper library paths to your project. Right-click your project and select Properties. This will bring up the property editor. Under the C/C++ Build|Settings you use the Linker section to set up libraries. I have a screencast on unit testing but you cans skip most of the first two minutes, around 1:50 in I demonstrate the process of adding include paths, around 2:50 in I show adding library paths. So if you have a few minutes you can watch the following video.


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