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I've done a client-server voice chat (like ventrilo) in C# and am now doing it in unmanaged win32 c++. I've got a question about how asynchronous reads/writes are handled in c++. In C#, you had a function that got called (EndSend/EndRecieve) once BeginSend/BeginRecieve were done. How is this done in c++? I've looked at msdn and googled and couldn't find an answear.

Here's the code for example that runs when a button is pressed, triggering a WM_WRITE message that called this function:


case FD_WRITE:

void onSendText(HWND hWnd) {
// get window handle to send edit control
HWND hWndSend = GetDlgItem(hWnd,ID_EDIT_SEND);

// get textlength of send edit control
int textlen = GetWindowTextLength(hWndSend);

// allocate memory for a buffer that will contains the text to be sent and get the text
char* textbuff = (char*)malloc(textlen+1);

// send content

// cleanup allocated tempbuffer

Of course I don't want to initiate an asynchronous send and then proceed to deallocate the buffer used in the send directly, I want to deallocate it once send is complete (like EndSend). I havn't found the c++ way to do it, any suggestions?

EDIT: ALSO! for some reason, when the server accepts the client, the client is not getting a FM_CONNECT message, shouldn't it get it as soon as the client is connected? I can send() and recv() so the connection is definately up.

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and if you don't want to deal with Asio, here's good tutorial about asynchronous sockets: http://www.gamedev.net/reference/programming/features/asyncsock/

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I prefer using winsock and this tutorial did clear some things up, but not how to deal with send. Basically right now I am just sending text. The tutorial mentions WM_WRITE is not very good for that purpose, so how do I deal with deallocating that buffer? Also updated main question! –  KaiserJohaan Dec 31 '10 at 1:56

have a look at Boost Asio library. even if you don't need cross-platform solution, Asio is great C++ library that provides asynchronous sockets. an example of asynchronous read/write

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