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I saw the following class definition and cannot figure out the meaning of the line 1.

class Noisy {
  Noisy() throw();
 ~Noisy() throw();
  Noisy& operator= (const Noisy&) throw();
  Noisy            (const Noisy&) throw(); // Line 1

What is the meaning of this line and what is the usage of this line?

Thank you

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It isn't a statement. It is a declaration of a copy constructor that is specified as throwing no exceptions.

You can find out more in your favorite good introductory C++ book.

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Sorry for this silly question. I should know that line if it was written as Noisy(const Noisy&) throw() -- Thank you – q0987 Dec 31 '10 at 4:13

Look at this thread. It will give you some more insight. Should I use an exception specifier in C++?

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