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I've created an app that interacts with a SOAP service using java WS. I generate classes and manage the WSDL using the built in netbeans functions.

Every time I run the application, it has to download the WSDL and parse it again. The WSDL is frozen at each version so I don't think this is necessary. I've tried to reference it as a local file, but then my app complains it can't find the file when it's installed on another machine.

Does anyone know how I can stop Java WS needing to re-parse the WSDL, or at least cache it locally?

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I've figured it out...

This page has the info

Developing client application with locally packaged WSDL

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Hi Cogsy, Which of the solutions you ended up implementing? – Pablo Santa Cruz Mar 18 '09 at 14:59

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