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I have written a function using javascript for validating a Date selected from a calendar to a text box, with the current date. And I not getting a correct result. The date format displayed in text box is "01-Oct-2010". And the function i had created is as follows :

function CheckDate() {
    var today = new Date();
    var startDate = document.getElementById("<%=txtStartDate.ClientID %>").value;
    var endDate = document.getElementById("<%=txtEndDate.ClientID %>").value;

    if (Date.parse(endDate) >= today) {
        alert("End Date should not be greater than Today");

    return true;
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var myDt=new Date(); 
myDOB = document.getElementById('dateField').value.split('-');
myDate = myDOB[0];
myMonth= getMonthInDigit(myDOB[1]);
myYear = myDOB[2];
var now = new Date();
myDt.setFullYear(myYear,myMonth,myDate); //here year, month, date value should be parsed from the value u get
var diff = (now.getTime() - myDt.getTime()) 
if(diff < 0){ 
  alert("End Date should not be greater than Today"); 

you can use the above javascript code.

Note: Make getMonthInDigit function which return value in digit as required.

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Hi....This is working.....Thanks....I still dont know why the function which i had written is not working. –  Sreejesh Kumar Dec 31 '10 at 9:35
How does the above code work if you do not do more manipulation such as var myDt=new Date(Date.parse(endDate.replace(/-/g," "))); ??? –  mplungjan Dec 31 '10 at 12:06
@mplungjan- check the code now I have added how u can get values for month, year and date –  niksvp Dec 31 '10 at 15:31
How do you get a month number from the string "Oct" ???? –  mplungjan Dec 31 '10 at 23:31
@mplungjan - Its simply logical, depends upon how u define your function. One way can be to place if else ladder. :-) –  niksvp Jan 3 '11 at 7:22
  1. remove dashes
  2. test against today.getTime() since Date.parse returns a timestamp, not a date object

simply change

if (Date.parse(endDate) >= today) {


if (Date.parse(endDate.replace(/-/g," ")) >= today.getTime()) {

You may want to NORMALISE the date since the timestamp could be a few milliseconds greater than when the date was created:

var endTime = new Date(Date.parse(endDate.replace(/-/g," ")).setHours(0,0,0,0).getTime();
var today = new Date().setHours(0,0,0,0).getTime();
if (endTime > today) {
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