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Maybe I don't know how to ask/search for this particular thing, but basically I want to create a few associated models when I create the parent object... say I have the following situation:

I have a Recipe which has_many Ingredient models... is there a way to make them all at once, say this is part of my seed task for example:

  :title => 'apple pie',
  :description => 'just apple pie',
  :ingredients => {
    [0] => {:title => 'apples'},
    [1] => {:title => 'sugar'},
    [2] => {:title => 'pie crust'}

Or like am I totally crazy? There must be some sort of way to do this similarly, without creating the parent model, then all the children... etc, etc.

Thanks again SO, and happy new year.

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Quite close. See

  :title => 'apple pie',
  :description => 'just apple pie',
  :ingredients_attributes => [
    { :title => 'apples' },
    { :title => 'sugar' },
    { :title => 'pie crust' }

Note that you need to put "accepts_nested_attributes_for :ingredients" to your Recipe model.

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You also need to add this to your Recipe model

attr_accessible :ingredients_attributes
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