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what is a native object means i found the that java has peer class to interface with native objets?

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Java programs can use JNI to access to functions implemented in native code (anything compiled to machine code). Interfacing with object oriented native code requires a java class which forwards method calls from java to an instance of the native class using jni. This class is the java peer of the native class.

An example: We have the print_hello class in c++ which we need to use in a java program, to do this we need to define its peer in java.

The native class

  class print_hello{
      void do_stuff(){std::cout<<"hello"<<std::endl;}

The peer class in java

  class PrintHello{
    //Address of the native instance (the native object)
    long pointer;

    //ctor. calls native method to create
    //instance of print_hello
    PrintHello(){pointer = newNative();}

    //This whole class is for the following method
    //which provides access to the functionality 
    //of the native class
    public void doStuff(){do_stuff(pointer);}

    //Calls a jni wrapper for print_hello.do_stuff()
    //has to pass the address of the instance.
    //the native keyword keeps the compiler from 
    //complaining about the missing method body
    private native void do_stuff(long p);

    //Methods for management of native resources.

    //Native instance creation/destruction
    private native long newNative();
    private native deleteNative(long p);

    //Method for manual disposal of native resources
    public void dispose(){deleteNative(pointer);pointer = 0;}

JNI code (incomplete)

All methods declared native require a native jni implementation. The following implements only one of the native methods declared above.

//the method name is generated by the javah tool
//and is required for jni to identify it.
void JNIEXPORT Java_PrintHello_do_stuff(JNIEnv* e,jobject i, jlong pointer){
    print_hello* printer = (print_hello*)pointer;
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A Java object has a peer/native object if it has some native methods written in C.

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can you just explain in detail? –  satheesh.droid Dec 31 '10 at 12:16
For more details I would look at these google.com/search?q=java+peer+class 227K hits. –  Peter Lawrey Dec 31 '10 at 21:00

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