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I have two network and both network have server. And one network have server with database that i need to access from the client which is belong to another network.

Now I have dll that have methods for connecting on database, so i mean to make webservice which going to include this dll as a reference and client application going to have this webservice as a web reference! But this is going to be belong difficult.

So can i just put dll on server and use it from client application?


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If you're already installing an application on the client, why not install the DLL there as well? This doesn't seem worth the trouble. –  Cody Gray Dec 31 '10 at 10:09

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I recommend you actually try this and if there are problems, then ask a more specific question with more information.

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Yes you can but you'll have to modify the code access security policy. This is usually much harder than just copying the file locally.

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