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I have a problem with facebook graph api in accessing user's group.

If i access directly with this:

I can access and retrieve group.

However, using php sdk, it returns null. May I know what went wrong?

$info = $facebook->api(''.$memberfb.'/groups?access_token='.$membertoken);    
$ct = count($info[data]);

$ct return 0.

May I know what went wrong here?

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Hi davidlee, can you please tell me something, do u initiliaze the php sdk with the app_id and secret code even if you want to use it for a group?? i'm trying to access a closed group but seems like all the documentation is not taking me to the right direction. Thanks – Dee-M Sep 14 '11 at 8:58
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Make sure you acquired the user_groups permission and then use:

$info = $facebook->api("/$memberfb/groups?access_token=$membertoken");
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I'm using the Facebook API, too. And your code is wrong, the right way is:

$info = $facebook->api( '/'.$memberfb.'/groups', 'GET', array( 'access_token=' => $membertoken ) );
$ct = count( $info['data'] );

I hope this helps you ;)

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The facebook permission required is user_groups

The C# code for getting the groups of a user using FacebookSdk on codeplex is as follows

public Dictionary<string,string> GetGroups(string facebookId, string accessToken)
        FacebookClient facebookClient = new FacebookClient(accessToken);
        JsonObject resul = facebookClient.Get("" + accessToken) as JsonObject;
        Dictionary<string, string> dicGroups = new Dictionary<string, string>();
        foreach (JsonObject item in (((KeyValuePair<string, object>)(resul[0])).Value as JsonArray))
            dicGroups.Add(item["id"].ToString(),item["name"].ToString() );
        return dicGroups;
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