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I am compiling a vc++ program which is showing below error error LNK1104: cannot open file 'D:\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\credentialproviders\Win32\Debug\Helpers.lib'

how i can remove that Helpers.lib file reference from linker command line argument because in project settings->linker->commandline its in readonly mode and I can't edit this to remove that line. I am using Visual Studio 2010.


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If you're sure that removing it is the right move, you can do so through Linker->Input->Additional Dependencies. –  Nathan Pitman Dec 31 '10 at 11:08
its not there, i searched there but no lib with that name exists. –  RAJ K Dec 31 '10 at 11:10
It must be there. Try different configuration (Debug/Release) –  Dialecticus Dec 31 '10 at 11:18
it shouldn't be there, at least two another way to link exists, looks at my reply below –  Andy T Dec 31 '10 at 16:40

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if this lib is not referenced in Linker->Input->Additional Dependencies, so check Project Dependencies, and remove any dependency on porject Helpers. also it's possible that this linking is done from code by #pragma comment(lib, "Helpers)

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Search the .vcproj file, and the project source code for "Helpers.lib". There are a couple places it can get linked in, and this is the simplest way to find it.

Otherwise, look for:

  1. Project properties -> linker -> inputs
  2. In the solution explorer, see if the .lib is included anywhere in the project tree.
  3. Anywhere in the source code, #pragma comment(lib, "helpers.lib")
  4. If Helpers is a project in your solution, check project dependencies for the project. By default, thisk linking is done implicitly if the project depends on it.
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I don't really think the above answers it properly. I just had this same problem and the way to fix it is to go to View->Property Manager. double click Microsoft.Cpp.Win32.user and go to Linker->Input. There you can edit out the additional dependencies that were previously read only. Do it for both debug/release versions if needed.

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