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My code is supposed to stop when it finds stop in the file its reading from, but its not. I keep getting an error:

% reads in a character and then checks whether this character is a blank,
% a carriage return or the end of the stream. In any of these cases a
% complete word has been read otherwise the next character is read.

calculate([stop],_) :- !.
calculate([Word|Rest],X) :-
    print('Calculating '),print(NewX),print('  The result is: '),
    Result is Eq,

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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The problem is that calculate is recursive. At some point, calculate([one], '03+') called, which in turn calls calculate([], '03+1'), which gives a result (4). It then invokes execute and processes the rest of the input.

Then, the calling calculate succeeds, and now goes on to applying atom_to_term to '03+', which gives the error.

You can fix this by moving the conversion to an atom into a separate predicate:

to_atom([Word], Symbol) :- word_to_number(Word, Symbol).
to_atom([Word|Rest], Term) :-
    to_atom(Rest, Symbol2),

calculate(List) :-
    to_atom(List, NewX),

Then you won't need the dummy 0 in the beginning, either.

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Thank you so so much .. you cant imagine how much i am grateful to you .. i think i still dont get the recursion idea .. i will work on that now .. again thank you so much .. i greatly appreciate your help – AhmadAssaf Dec 31 '10 at 12:23
It's indeed difficult to see what the problem is. I used trace,test to step through calculate, and suggest that you do, too. – Martin v. Löwis Dec 31 '10 at 13:12

Declare "plus", "minus" and "times" as operators, and you can use read/1 to read Prolog terms directly, since the input is then valid Prolog syntax.

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thanks for the advice .. i started reading on how to create operators but i was blessed with a tweak that fixed my code .. thanks alot for the response .. – AhmadAssaf Dec 31 '10 at 12:23

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