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I am trying to Write an object stream into a XAML file but i end up in StackoverFlowException . In the CallStack i could see "The maximum number of stack frames supported by Visual Studio has been exceeded"

This is the piece of code i'm trying to execute.

StreamWriter xamlStream =new StreamWriter(File.OpenWrite("a.xaml"));
string myXaml = System.Windows.Markup.XamlWriter.Save(objectInstance);

Thanks ...!

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Must be that the objectInstance contains cyclic references and your writer doesn't support them.

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Yes i do have cyclic references, do i have any other way to achieve this. –  Novice Dec 31 '10 at 12:06
You can do the serialization manually. Replace the cyclic references with some kind of ID, like a GUID and then use that to set the references again when reading the object. –  Janiels Dec 31 '10 at 12:11

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