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Could please someone explain me why Deserialize method fails ?

        public void Serialize_Deserialize_ExpandObject()
            dynamic obj = new ExpandoObject();
            obj.Name = "Claudio";
            obj.Age = 32;

            JavaScriptSerializer ser = new JavaScriptSerializer();
            string json = ser.Serialize(obj as IDictionary<string, object>);

            IDictionary<string, object> deserialize = ser.Deserialize<IDictionary<string, object>>(json);
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It seems as though ExpandoObject gets serialized as an array (of dictionaries) rather than a dictionary.

It gets serialized as [{"Key":"Name","Value":"Claudio"},{"Key":"Age","Value":32}] rather than {"Name":"Claudio","Age":32}

I guess there is some other interface that ExpandoObject implements like IEnumerable (as well as IDictionary<>) so the Serialize method treats it as an array. The cast (as IDictionary<string, object>) makes no difference because it doesn't actually alter what gets passed to the Serialize method. But this all seems to contradict the documentation http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.web.script.serialization.javascriptserializer.aspx.

You can deserialize to List<IDictionary<string, object>> but I suppose thats not terribly useful.

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I found a solution in this post

Dynamic Object Serialization It's based on Json.Net but this is not a big deal

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