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Hi i'm looking for a tutorial for understand how i can create a page with a div that isn't refreshed when the page url changes.

Ex. The facebook chat isn't refreshed when i move from an url to another.


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It is called AJAX. Just re-search stackoverflow or google for that google.com/search?q=facebook+style+ajax+site:stackoverflow.com – mplungjan Dec 31 '10 at 12:03
With the new HTML5 history.pushState it might no be so obvious anymore, that Ajax is used. But whenever only part the page is refreshed, it is definitely Ajax (or iframes). – Felix Kling Dec 31 '10 at 12:04
@Felix +1 -- I'm guessing that's what they are doing too – Tauren Dec 31 '10 at 12:55
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AJAX is definitely being used, although it may not seem like it because the actual URL is changing. Most AJAX apps just change the hash part of the URL (somesite.com/page/#feature1).

I don't know exactly what Facebook is doing as I haven't studied the app, but I would guess that they are using HTML5 history.pushState() to change the URL so that if you bookmark it or reload, it will go to the same place. I see that @Felix already mentioned this in a comment.

Take a look here for more help:

Changing browser's address bar without refreshing

There are lots and lots of resources on using AJAX. I personally use jQuery and find that it makes much of this quite easy. Here's a tutorial that might help:


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Sounds like you are wanting to use AJAX (javascripts XMLHttpRequest function). here is a great article on it along with some basic examples: Here

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It's called AJAX, if you use jQuery, here's a good tutorial:


I wanted to post another examples if you dont use jQuery but i need more points to post more than one link, sorry...

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