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iPad - Popup

I have a popup and wish it to be 75% of the height and width of the screen. My screen is a UISplitView.

How is this done with UIPopoverController.PresentFromRect ?

I have tried many combos of values, but the results are 'strange'.

Note: I do not wish to use the PresentFromButton.

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I figured it out.

1) You need o set the size of the popup:

myUIPopupController.PopoverContentSize = new SizeF (1024f, 1024f);

2) Then set the popup based on a relative frame size:

myUIPopupController.PresentFromRect (relativeFrame, this.SplitViewController.View, UIPopoverArrowDirection.Right, true);
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What in your mind is a relative frame? –  Kenny Jul 3 '12 at 15:49

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