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I wrote this function:

  if params[:id] > @max
   @page = @max

Here @max is an integer, and the value of params[:id] isn't nil.

It says there is a problem in the first line, and problem is:

undefined method `>' for nil:NilClass

It doesn't recognize > as an operator. Why is it so?

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Are you sure the value of params[:id] isn't nil? That error means it is. –  Firas Assaad Dec 31 '10 at 14:54

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It doesn't recognize it as an operator on the NilClass like it says. params[:id] must be nil. Check your Rails logs for the list of parameters coming into the request. My guess is that the param is named differently than you think. Try if params[:id].present? && params[:id] > @max or params[:id].to_i > @max to work around the exception.

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params[:id].to_i will just mask the problem, as nil.to_i returns 0; it could be very dangerous if 0 is a valid ID for some object. –  Phrogz Dec 31 '10 at 14:56

Yes, params[:id] is nil. That's what that error means. Perhaps you wanted params['id'] instead? If you have access to the console for your running app, try p params, params[:id] and make your request again to see what values there are, and the value of params[:id].

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