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I'm trying to creating a Graph instance in Prefuse through the following approach: Graph(Table nodes, Table edges, boolean directed) /* Create a new Graph, using node table row numbers to uniquely identify nodes in the edge table's source and target fields. */

So I create a Table object to store the nodes and edges data like this.However, this is a problem: Table nodes=new Table(2,3); //here is the error eclipse reports:integer can't be resolved to a variable

nodes.addColumn("id",integer); nodes.addColumn("name", String); nodes.addColumn("gender", String);

nodes.addRows(4); nodes.set(0, 0, 1); nodes.set(0, 1, "Abbas"); nodes.set(0, 2, "M"); nodes.set(1, 0, 2); nodes.set(1, 1, "Hassan"); nodes.set(1, 2, "F");

The API describes the method "addColumn" as public void addColumn(java.lang.String name, java.lang.Class type) Add a column with the given name and data type to this table.

Thank you!

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Just putting integer makes the compiler think that you are trying to get it to access a variable since integer is not a keyword. In the case of Java Prefuse if you are trying to set the type to int then just use int.class to get the class name.

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