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How to check if text1 contains text2 using vb6 ?

Dim text1 as string
Dim text2 as string

text1 = "hello world I am Anas"
text2 = "Anas"

if (check if text2 is in text1) 'the result should be true or false
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You can use InStr function like this:

Dim position As Integer

position = InStr(1, text1, text2)

If position > 0 Then
  ' text is inside
  ' text is not inide 
End If
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Use InStr:

If InStr(text1, text2) > 0 Then
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+1 but why not link to the VB6 manual entry for Instr – MarkJ Dec 31 '10 at 17:05

This should do the trick:

if (InStr(text1, text2) > 0) 

Check for special cases (parameters are Nothing, empty strings etc.)

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You are linking to, not vb6. – Oded Dec 31 '10 at 16:31
RTM = InStr(1, text1,text2)

if RTM > 0 then debug.print "Text2 was found at position: "; RTM
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