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I was wondering how to use a regexp to match a phrase that comes after a certain match. Like:

var phrase = "yesthisismyphrase=thisiswhatIwantmatched";
var match = /phrase=.*/;

That will match from the phrase= to the end of the string, but is it possible to get everything after the phrase= without having to modify a string?

Thanks, Bryan

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You use capture groups (denoted by parenthesis).

When you execute the regex via match or exec function, the return an array consisting of the substrings captured by capture groups. You can then access what got captured via that array. E.g.:

var phrase = "yesthisismyphrase=thisiswhatIwantmatched"; 
var myRegexp = /phrase=(.*)/;
var match = myRegexp.exec(phrase);


var arr = phrase.match(/phrase=(.*)/);
if (arr != null) { // Did it match?
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The brackets specify a so-called capture group. Contents of capture groups get put into the resulting array, starting from 1 (0 is the whole match).

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It is important to realize the .match returns null if the match fails, so test for that before trying to get the first index is a good idea. Also, if you have more than one phase in that key=value string you might change the regex to /phrase=(.*?)(;|$)/ where ; is the delimiter. Further, you could abstract this with a method using the RegEx constructor... –  Hemlock Dec 31 '10 at 18:04

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