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Being easy to pick up fairly cheap on eBay, I'm probably going to get Visual Studio 2008 and migrate my VC++ 2003 project to it. Are there any major pitfalls in this?

My product has a lot of "legacy" code and is more C-like than strict C++ by a longshot, although I do use MFC for the UI aspects of it. I also freely violate a lot of "best practices" as far as typecasts, etc. go due to the nature of the data I'm dealing with.

I have also been pretty casual about the distribution of the product, not including any Microsoft DLLs in the package, assuming that everyone's Windows PC would already have the required DLLs for MFC, MSVCRT, etc., and so far it's worked from the first release in the Windows 95 days through XP and on to Windows 7.

So if I convert the project to VC++ 2008, can I assume similar compatibility at least for XP and later systems?

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Thanks for taking the time to write a coherent question we can actually answer. –  Cody Gray Jan 1 '11 at 8:00

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