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I am new to IntelliJ. Is there a plugin for IntelliJ where I can select a few fields and print them or create jsp form elements, etc. I know they have toString, equals, etc.

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No, there's no plugin for doing that, and write a "proper plugin" will be hard.

But you can achieve something similar using "Live Templates" (at least for printing fields, Creating a JSP form is a different story)

IntelliJ come with ready-to-use "Live Templates" like "soutv"...

So you type soutv on your java editor then type tab key IntelliJ will generate a "System.out.println("myField = " + myField)" and you can choose what file to print

Check de IntelliJ docs to know how to write your own Live Templates and see some examples

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Thanks, I have an eclipse plugin that does that as shown here :…. I will port it to IJ. –  fastcodejava Jan 4 '11 at 2:31

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