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Trying to set the first word of a string as a separate variable and taking the remainder and setting it as separate variable.

list($model, $submodel) = explode(' ', $full);

When I use list and explode I almost get the result I want but instead of the remainder of the string I get the 2nd word.

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Is it possible your words can be delimited by something other than space (i.e. commas). Keep that in mind as your design this. – Sparky Dec 31 '10 at 22:32
@Sparky unfortunately not, I am trying to split up Model and Sub-Models of cars. Example: MDX Touring Package to Model: MDX Submodel: Touring Package – ZaneDeFazio Dec 31 '10 at 22:35
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If you only want to split by the first space and therefore into 2 substrings, pass a limit of 2 to explode(), like so:

list($model, $submodel) = explode(' ', $full, 2);

Now $model will contain the first word and $submodel will contain the rest of the string.

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thank you for your quick reply and answer, worked like a charm! – ZaneDeFazio Dec 31 '10 at 22:36

worst case scenario, you can manually get the first word using strpos() to get the space and substr to get the first word and str_replace to get it out of the rest of the string. thats if all the good advices u get don't work.

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