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Evening All,

Happy new year! I'm trying to change the selected option within this list.. Its only working for some and not others?

selectedVal will either be Kelly Green, Navy etc...

 var selectedVal = $(this).text();

 $("#product-variants-option-0 option[text=" + selectedVal+"]").attr("selected","selected") ;

This is the select list:

<select class="single-option-selector" id="product-variants-option-0">
<option value="Gunmetal Heather">Gunmetal Heather</option>
<option value="Kelly Green">Kelly Green</option>
<option value="Navy">Navy</option>
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Use value attribute instead of text in your selector. i.e:

$("#product-variants-option-0 option[value=" + selectedVal+"]").attr("selected","selected") ;
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Can't believe I missed that... Thanks very much! perfect! –  Charles Marsh Dec 31 '10 at 22:44

There's a much simpler way to set the selected option of a <select> element.

Just call jQuery's .val() method against the <select> itself:

$("#product-variants-option-0").val( selectedVal );
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