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I'm looking to write a some code that can integrate with some of the major online processors. This will be a basic bit of code that depending on a condition will affect the sub-total on check out. I understand that I may have to code it differently for each payment process but is this possible generally speaking?

I want to provide the code so that users can integrate it into their checkout process, I guess as some sort of plug-in/widget.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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I don't know what you mean by integrating with ebay though.

Can you provide any more details about your programming experience and what platform you are developing this on?

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It would probably be c# and asp.net though it will be whatever it needs to be to get it to work :)

We want to provide a plug-in/widget that our customers can add to their check out process that will allow us to capture some information as well as affect the sub-total value. It just proof of concept at the moment but I'm wondering if it is at all possible.

Imagine something similar to paypal providing a small piece of code to add a paypal payment option - but in this case it will add our code to work with the checkout in question.

Hope that makes sense.

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