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i working on an application that multiplying 6 marix i got 3 threads working on that taking tham from a Queue and multiplying them;

public Queue<int[][]> QArrays = new Queue<int[][]>();    //this stores the matrix                                                 ///  
        public Queue<int[][]> QSolutions = new Queue<int[][]>();

every sulution on are stored on QSolutions;

i already set up a semaphor that protect the acsess to QArrays one thread at a time to prevent racing condition.

now i have forth tread that need to add those solutions matrixes working on QSolutions

i need it to wait until there is 2 items on the Queue than add them leaving only one . (already done this on the add function its dequeueing the two matrixes and enqueing the result )

the problem is this : in the moment there is 2 solutions i need to prevent the 3rd from working and in the same time making the forth thred go into action and add the solutions and after the 3rd thred is finished i need to go back with the 4th tread and add those again . is tehre a semaphore /mutex /monitor / bolean flags that could help me acomplish that im the to this subject

i hope i was clear , thanks

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5 – Mitch Wheat Jan 1 '11 at 6:40
thank you it was very helpful – aristotaly Jan 1 '11 at 17:55

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