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Well, I have this program that I run with the help of batch. Its a PHP script that is ran by an EXE file. How can I have it that while the program is running, the output is automatically sent to a file, say log.txt, and have the output simultaneously shown on screen?

I tried something like program.exe >> log.txt, but that didnt show output on the screen.

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Related: Looking for a windows equivalent of the unix tail command, but no native solutions unless you use PowerShell. And there doesn't appear to be a native tee command either. –  marcog Jan 1 '11 at 9:25

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If you want to do it only with windows commands may be you should try something like this:

program.exe > %temp%\temp.log
type %temp%\temp.log
type >>  log.txt
@del %temp%\temp.log /S /Q

there is no tail equivalent in windows commands.

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By 'show output on the screen' do you mean updating the file contents on an already opened screen/console window.

If yes, you can use the following command

tail -f log.txt

Please note that 'tail' is not available with base installation of windows, but you can download it (free). look for unixUtils for windows.

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Thanks, but I need a native solution. –  Galilsnap Jan 1 '11 at 9:17

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