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i try to design a template for my university project. i wrote the follwing code:

#ifndef _LinkedList_H_
#define _LinkedList_H_
#include "Link.h"
#include <ostream>
template <class L>//error one
class LinkedList
 Link<L> *pm_head;
 Link<L> * pm_tail;
 int m_numOfElements;
 Link<L>* FindLink(L * dataToFind);
 int GetNumOfElements(){return m_numOfElements;}
 bool Add( L * data);
 L *FindData(L * data);

template <class L> friend ostream & operator<<(ostream& os,const LinkedList<L> listToprint);//error two
   L* GetDataOnTop();
   bool RemoveFromHead();
   L* Remove(L * toRemove);

this templete uses the link class templete

#ifndef _Link_H_
#define _Link_H_
template <class T>//error 3
class Link
 T* m_data;
 Link* m_next;
 Link* m_prev;
 Link(T* data);
 bool Link::operator ==(const Link& other)const;

 Link* GetNext()const {return m_next;}
 Link* GetPrev()const {return m_prev;}
 T* GetData()const {return m_data;}
 void SetNext(Link* next) {m_next = next;}
 void SetPrev(Link* prev) {m_prev = prev;}
 void SetData(T* data) {m_data = data;}


error one: shadows template parm `class L'
error two:declaration of `class L'
error three: shadows template parm `class T'

i dont understand what is the problem. i can really use your help thank you :)

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These error messages really belong together:

a.cc:41: error: declaration of ‘class L’
a.cc:26: error:  shadows template parm ‘class L’

This means that in line 41, you introduce a template parameter L; in my copy, this refers to

template <class L> friend ostream & operator<<(ostream& os,
               const LinkedList<L> listToprint);//error two

And that declaration shadows the template parameter in line 26:

template <class L>//error one
class LinkedList

You need to rename the template parameter in the friend declaration.

Edit: The relevant language specification is 14.6.1/7

A template-parameter shall not be redeclared within its scope (including nested scopes). A template-parameter shall not have the same name as the template name.

When you refer to L in const LinkedList<L> listToprint, it's not clear whether you mean the L of the friend or the L of the class. So write

template <class L1> friend ostream & operator<<(ostream& os,
    const LinkedList<L1> listToprint);
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sorry but i dont understand what i need to rename and why? –  inna karpasas Jan 1 '11 at 12:16
@inna karpasas: See my edit. –  Martin v. Löwis Jan 1 '11 at 12:32
Also consider changing the friend template function for a plain non-templated friend. You do not need (nor want) to provide access to your class internals (in this case LinkedList<A> for a particular type A) to all instantiations of a templated operator<<. You only need operator<<( ostream&, const LinkedList<A> & ) to access the class. Note that A is general for the discussion, but this is not a place holder, but a particular type (int, or double, but a concrete one of them) –  David Rodríguez - dribeas Jan 1 '11 at 13:07

Just remove the

 template <class L>

from the friend member function declaration.

You also need to replace uses of ostream with std::ostream unless you have a using namespace std somewhere in your code.

Otherwise, the code looks fine.

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it gives me the error " declaration of `class L'" –  inna karpasas Jan 1 '11 at 12:19
@inna karpasas: It is hard without the whole code to test, but @nimrodm answer is right. You probably don't want to befriend a templated operator<< but a single operator<< that takes the appropriate types. The reason for the next error you are getting can be about anything that is not shown in the question that confuses the parser. –  David Rodríguez - dribeas Jan 1 '11 at 13:10

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